Butts N Donuts 8-Week Bikini Booty Workbook



Product Description

Introducing the 8-Week Summer Bikini Booty Workbook! With this 25-page E-Book, you’ll receive:

  1. Nutritional Guidelines on tracking macros, how to calculate macros, & what foods you should consider implementing into your diet.
  2. Two Four-Week Splits: You get TWO workout splits to utilize during your 8 weeks. VIDEO TUTORIALS are included as well as descriptive information related to how to successfully complete each exercise.
  3. Tracking Guidelines: Consistency is key! We are setting you up for success by providing a nutrition tracking sheet as well as tracking sheets for your workout splits. You’ll know ALL of the information you’ll need to track & how to ensure you are utilizing these sheets accurately.
  4. DIRECT ACCESS TO BUTTS N DONUTS: You are pretty much getting a coach for 2 months (FOR $49.99!). Butts N Donuts is available for all questions you have while completing this challenge. If you have any questions or concerns you may message Butts N Donuts directly via Instagram.
  5. BOTH INTERNAL & EXTERNAL TRANSFORMATION: Be ready for this because it is happening! You’ll learn a lot about yourself & your abilities, so get ready to reward yourself for ALL of the hard work you have put forth! You will deserve it!


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